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Buying Domains at War

My latest refresh of DriveThru shows that D@W has dropped.

However, it's also confused me...

If I'm only buying PDFs (no physical products and I probably won't be printing anything out), what makes the most sense to get? Just Campaigns and Battles? Or does Complete add more than just maps and counters? And am I right to conclude that Troops and Terrain is not included in Complete (T&T says it's 36 pages of counters, while Complete says it includes 12 pages of counters)?

Also, why is a POD copy of Complete priced at $9,999? If it includes maps and counters, I'd think you would want people to buy the POD version...

The Autarch
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The Complete Set includes 2 maps and 12 pages of counters. If you do not intend to print anything out, you can simply purchase Battles and Campaigns as separate products.

Troops and Terrain has an expanded set of counters that is larger than the amount in Complete.

POD Complete is priced at $9999 because we do not want anyone to purchase it until our backers have received their copies yet. That said, I think my colleague set it up wrong and it's supposed to be a hidden price...

Sinister Stone of Sakkara Backer
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OK, great! Thanks for the clarification. Now I can finally buy the books that have been staring at me in my browser all day... :)

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Yes, sorry, I set the $9999 price and the product went all live before I was able to tweak it properly. We really aren't trying to be mega-chiselers, honest!

-Autarch Minion Chris

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So if you have a spare $9999 in your back pocket.....