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I’m not sure if we’re going to include the Auran Empire’s default cosmology in the rules.
It might be nice, even if it's just part of the "When the Planes are Right" paragraph from the blog post given as an example. The whole bit with Ascendent and Descendent planes and so forth (and their presumed effect on things like clerical abilities, monsters and spells) is excellent, but I can see holding that back for the full Auran Empire setting, however that gets done (separate book or whatnot).
How about Contact Outer Plane?
Sounds great!
Missed the Permanency level clause. It's good to be Archmage.
I’m surprised you had no comment on the big changes to Protection From Evil and Continual Light!
Protection from Evil is definitely an nice upgrade, though now it's trading offense for defense. I'm generally not fond of "concentration and nothing else" spells because standing in one place and doing nothing - and for a passive bonus in this case - while the rest of the party has an encounter isn't my idea of fun gameplay. It's such a classic rendition of the magic circle, though, it's hard not to love it, and it's clearly the go-to spell for negotiating with dark forces. The Sustained upgrade helps out quite a bit.
It looks like there's an almost-duplicate sentence in the description, and I'm not sure which one is intended to apply:
The protection against contact by enchanted creatures ends if the caster makes an attack against, cast a spell on, or tries to force the barrier against the blocked creature. The spell’s protection against contact by enchanted creatures ends if the caster or any protected creature makes an attack against, casts a spell on, or tries to force the barrier against a blocked creature.
If the caster's protection against contact drops as soon as anyone in the circle makes an attack, that's obviously less useful.
Continual Light/Darkness limited by level seems like an odd bit of accounting, and I don't recall anything else working that way mechanically. Needing to keep track of how many dungeon rooms I've made dark seems wonky, but I suppose that's necessary to keep cheap mass produced Arrows of Darkness/Infinite Torches out of the markets and battlefields.

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1) re: slavery. I meant this more in the way a subdued dragon is forced to serve a PC. This could be an ogre, or wyvern as long as the PC knows the requisite language I assume?
2) re: vampire. You give rules on creating higher level undead. Is a created wight as loyal to a necromancer as a skeleton is to a necromancer? Is there a difference between granting unlife to an ogre (4hd) than granting unlife to a 0-level human but paying enough gold to give the human 4hd as an undead? If I only spend 2000gp, is the ogre a 1HD skeleton or does granting unlife to an ogre require 8000gp minimum?
3) re: movement. I really like the "combat movement" (though I'd prefer it at 10' so the players could use the exploration map their drawing easier as a reference in combat without switching to a larger 5' grid).
encounter distance in a dungeon is 2d6x10' with the average being? 6-8? That means a fighter in plate 60 (20') generally more than half the time takes 2 rounds to charge (what is the rule for charging over multiple rounds? How often can you charge? Every round? once per turn like ad&d? I'm partial to CM which assigns fatigue after 5 rounds of mvt. 3 rounds of combat etc.)
This means a dragon with a 90' breath attack more often than not can breath twice before a fighter is in range. If the knight cannot charge, it will take him 5 rounds to close to melee. Perhaps a good reason to bring a warhorse down into the dungeon like net-hack!
Help me out with what I'm missing?
4) pg. 77 time and wilderness movement. Is "combat movement" still 10's of feet per round per 10 seconds? Is a dragons breath still 90' feet not 90 yards?
5) maybe this will be in the GM section (why aren't monsters in the GM section?) But a list of creatures on one page with AC/HD/dmg/mvt. would be handy.
6) dragon subdual. What happens if the dragon fails a morale check before you subdue it to 0 hit points? Why is it implied that subdual only applies to dragons? If not, why is it repeated from the combat section here? I am partial to the 0d&d subdual rules that applies to all creatures, but is written up in the dragons description.
7) dragons have significantly fewer hit points than 0/Ad&d, but I suppose it is made up for in special abilities?