Elves and Dwarves-Infravision

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Elves and Dwarves-Infravision

Am I missing something or do Elves and Dwarves not have Infravision in ACKS? I noticed it in the player's companion but it's also left out of the main rulebook unless I'm missing something? Even in the monster section there is no mention of it.

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Elves and dwarves don't have infravision in ACKS. We couldn't find a source for it in myth and legend, and it didn't seem to help gameplay - it mostly created frustration and confusion as to when and what dwarves could see, whether the party's torch was ruining infravision, and so on.
We replaced infravision with a +1 bonus v. surprise rolls.

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I for one dig this. Too much variance in the way a party sense things is a pain.
PC infravision also means you tend to end up spending too much time settling just what it means and how it works -- whereas NPC infravision can easily come in just as many variants as seems handy.