Maps of the Auran Empire

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Maps of the Auran Empire

We have added two maps of the Auran Empire to the downloads section.
The Hand Drawn map is my original hand-drawn map of the region. It shows major kingdoms, cities, and terrain features, latitude, ocean currents, climate, and so on.
The Full Color map is a first draft of a painted map of the region. You will note some inaccuracies and differences from the Hand Drawn map, but it's prettier!

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Very cool!

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Thanks! That is a huge help- now I have a much better feel for the world.

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Very nice.

sean wills
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Nice one - I like having the sea in the centre rather than just a big slab of continent, gives access to sea trade/naval combat experiences for the PCs without having vast overland treks first, and feels more like the Mediterranean.

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exactly :)

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What is the scale of the smaller, Player's maps (centred around Cyfaraun and showing the the borderlands to the N.W. and The Waste to the S.E.?

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I'm getting a 404 when I try to access the full-color map

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Me too

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I guess this site is dead?

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not dead, but has been having some issues as of late. Another thread has mentioned they're having their web dude look into it.

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Not being the web dude, I don't know what happened to the original file when we moved the site to a new host, and when I try to upload it to the downloads area I get a "file too large" error. In the interim I made it available for download via Google Drive at this link.

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Thanks Tavis.

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Is the hand-drawn map of the Auran Empire going to be available again at some point?

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> Yukiomo:Is the hand-drawn map of the Auran Empire going to be available
> again at some point?

it would be nice to have it back... I should have it on some backup hd but I don't seem able to locate it