Wizards Responds to ACKS?!

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Wizards Responds to ACKS?!

Wizards of the Coast announced today that they will be releasing a new 5th edition of D&D in 2012.
Clearly, they feared the upcoming release of ACKS, which promises to revolutionize RPGs. Bahahahaha. ;)

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I was happy to read this. Coverage of ACKS in the NYT!

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WotC lost me with 4e and I fear the worst for 5e. We'll see with what they'll come up.
4e is/was not my cup of tea, but for others it was the best version of D&D ever released.
This gives me some serious headache: "For the first time, the creators of D&D are setting out to create a role playing system that is compatible with - and takes inspiration from - every previous edition of the game."
I have the feeling that this will not work.
I hope that they will not try to please everyone, because this would result in utter chaos. If 5e is not for me, than I'll skip as I did with 4e. Long story short...

sean wills
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Now, now it gets interesting...

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Skyrim shipped with henchmen, yet the recent iteration of a fantasy game where you supposedly can do everything and anything did not. To be fair 4e was actually an update to CHAINMAIL+fantasy supplement and crippled by VTT, so I am looking forward to what they do with the LBBs. When you have more freedom in a computer game than in a game played entirely in your mind...

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@Bargle, which fantasy game are you referring to when you say "the recent iteration of a fantasy game..."?
I've spoken to someone who has played 5e under NDA and he is really excited about it. He was not a fan of 4e, liked 3e well enough, but is probably more of a grognard than anything else. He obviously didn't give me any details, but I'm hopeful, even if WotC's PR about the edition is not terribly credible.

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4e. My use of the word "iteration" didn't mean to imply 5th, of which I know nothing.