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wow, all this talk of cleaving with pistols makes me realize that they do a d8 for damage, just like 2-handed guns.

This seems a bit off to me.  My first instinct is to either lower their damage to 1d6 or to cap their ability to "cleave" to a maximum of 2, meaning you can only cleave with a gun in your hand.  Unquestionably, there's still an advantage to having numerous pre-loaded pistols at the ready, even if it takes a couple rounds to use them all.



Arise, thread!

I don't see a huge problem with allowing pistol cleaving. Since they need multiple rounds to reload, a character is spending a fair amount of gold and an item of encumbrance for each cleave they want to perform. By comparison, an arbalest cleaves 2/rd at d8 with short range 90 for 50gp. If a pistol is limited to 2/rd, it's a more expensive (240gp for wheel-lock, 75gp for flintlock), shorter-ranged (25 ft) crossbow whose only advantage is armor penetration at close range. There's virtually no reason to use a pistol over an arbalest at that point.