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Go ahead and post here.

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We got it and are toiling away to make those changes! Thanks for your feedback and apologies for not saying so right away; it's been a busy week.

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No problem! I'll pour over the rest of the powers index tonight if I get the chance.

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Just downloaded the PDF - thank goodness, as that DOC was giving LibreOffice fits :)

Anyway - Page 34 -

Paladins’ dark fortresses are otherwise identical to fighters’ castles, as detailed in the Campaign chapter of the ACKS Rulebook.

Paladins don't have "dark" fortresses ;) (copypasta from Anti-Paladin, I'm sure)

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Just looking at the pdf that's just gone out to backers.

On page 123 the artwork of the soldier is overlapping the page number. Not a huge deal, but jarring.

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Hey, I was just reading the final review draft and found some odd wording in the Mystic's focus ability. I don't know if this has already been fixed, but didn't see it upthread and figured it was worth it to mention. "As the mystic’s mind expands, so does his ability to maintain their focus. Mystic can go into focus once per day per level of experience." his ability vs their focus; subject/object disagreement. Also should be 'Mystics' or 'The mystic' at the beginning of the second sentence.