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ACKS SRD in Markdown / HTML


I forked Capheind's text version of the SRD on github and reformatted it as Markdown.  Since it's hosted on GitHub, it's directly viewable as HTML.  Check it out at:

Some notes:

- It's kramdown flavoured Markdown, the same as used on GitHub.  This gives us support for tables (a hard requirement for ACKS!).

- But some tables seem to be too big for GitHub to convert and show up as unconverted. They convert fine locally.

- It includes a Makefile that converts MD to HTML.  This should work on any Unix or Mac OS X that has kramdown installed.

- I did a lot of work ensuring the headers are the right levels and cross-references are hyperlinked.

- I don't think the upstream text source had all the errata.  I made a few changes, mainly when the wrong chapter was indicated in a cross-reference, and added a few missing tables, including Mortal Wounds and Tampering with Mortality. However, all the errata should probably be double checked.

- I still might do a few fixups on the Previous / Next chapter links, and maybe create a detailed table of contents.

Let me know what you think!



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Thank you, this looks great!

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This is awesome!  I've shared it with my players, who had complained bitterly about the mix of tabs and spaces in the other version.

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This is awesome!

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I've fixed up the next/previous chapter links and added the detailed table of contents.

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Updated with errata.