good mid level (7-9) dungeons?

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good mid level (7-9) dungeons?

I am running my second acks campaing, and this time my new players are more into dungeons. And i cant find good old school modules/dungeons for mid levels. any sugestions? favorites? ideas?

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i've got a game with players close to this level as well so this is relevant to my interests.

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Jaquay's Dark Tower. One of my favorite dungeons.

My main suggestion is to take dungeons you like and scale them up or down a bit as needed if you feel comfortable with that. The main thing to keep in mind relative to B/X modules is ACKS cleaving. If you're looking at AD&D modules consider options in the 6-8 range or lower, and for DCC modules I'd suggest levels 4-6 might work as a baseline.

You'd have to scale it up a bit, but I'm very taken with The God Seed Awakens. (DCC)

I've never run either, but a lot of folks on dragonsfoot seem to have a high opinion of X4 Master of the Desert Nomads and X5 Temple of Death. (Expert)

In a similar desert-y mode, I only played through a The Fantasy Trip conversion of it in the mid-80s, but we had a blast in I5 Lost Tomb of Martek. (AD&D).