[Setting] Middle Earth ACKS

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[Setting] Middle Earth ACKS

Before anyone directs me to the Patreon, I've already been there and signed up! Alex's Middle Earth stuff is great but I'm a contrary bugger and therefore like to do stuff 100% my own way.

I'll be reworking a lot of systems, making small changes etc and adding them below. If you can think of anything, don't hesitate to mention it! Almost all the documents can allow comments.

Component / Planning Documents

Races of Middle Earth - Dunedain not done, Hobbits not done (although they're probably just gonna be the same as Heroic Fantasy)

Classes of Middle earth

Alignment - Shadow & Light


Fighter value 2+ gets one free tradeoff to allow for the fact that most armour is going to be chainmail and only rarely will there be banded / lamellar or better. The rest cost the same amount. Non-Man people (including Dunedain) get a free +1 maximum level because Men are able to take a cultural proficiency.

Mannish Warrior - A "more advanced" Fighter. Has a number of path choices, 1d6 HP and full fighting. WIP with regards to the Paths.

Mannish Scholar - Flexible Eldritch ceremonialist. Not even started on this yet.

Elven Warden - Represents Galadhrim, Marchwardens of Lothlorien etc. Actually has one proficiency that I'm not sure where to put. Probably going to be renamed. Maybe Elven Knight?

High Elven Spellsinger - Luthien, Galadriel etc. High elves who can sing the song that weaves the world in the form of Eldritch spellcasting. Proficiencies need changing.

High Elven Swordsinger - Celeborn, Elrond etc. A mixture of Elven Warden and High Elven Spellsinger, similar to the default Spellsword.

More stuff to come!


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Hi, interesting stuff. The last file need permission.

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Thanks, fixed! Thank you to whoever gave the fix requests too. I've added some new files to the first post.

I'd love some ideas for abilities to give the Mannish Warrior Path choices.