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A rough draft. Comments welcome. I am not going to expand this to a full class entry, because the likelihood of one of my players taking it is pretty low - if you have Player's Companion, though, this should be sufficient. HD: d4; after 9th level, +2 per level. Prime Requisite: INT. Saves: Thief. Build Points: HD 0, Fight 1 (thief), Thief 3 (10 skills). Armor: Narrow. Weapons: Restricted (2 customs). Fighting Styles: Two-Handed Only (1 custom). XP: HD 0, Fight 500, Thief 700. After 8th level, 100,000 per level. Thief Skills: Open Locks, Find Traps, Remove Traps. (7 customs). Custom Powers: Master Craftsman (3× one Craft proficiency). Attention to Detail (grants +2 on all proficiency and thief skill throws) (3 customs). Design, Build, and Repair Automatons (3 customs). Personal Automaton.A Look at OG and Samples of the Air Jordan 11
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I like it!