Your Journey from Adventurer to King Begins Now!

Enter a world where empires totter on the brink of war, and terrible monsters tear at the fragile borderlands of men; where decaying cities teem with chaos and corruption, nubile maidens are sacrificed to chthonic cults and nobles live in decadent pleasure on the toil of slaves; where heroes, wizards, and rogues risk everything in pursuit of glory, fortune, and power. This is a world where adventurers can become conquerors – and conquerors can become kings. Will you survive the perils of war and dark magic to claim a throne? Or will you meet your fate in a forgotten ruin beyond the ken of men?

The *Adventurer Conqueror King System*™ (ACKS) is a fantasy role-playing game that provides the framework for epic fantasy campaigns with a sweeping scope. Multiple products are available to enhance your experience - in dungeon delves and wilderness exploration, to the dual battlefields of politics and war.

Core Products

Adventurer Conqueror King

This is where your journey from adventurer, to conqueror, to king begins - the core ACKS book provides you everything you need to start upon your epic path. This is the ultimate sandbox RPG - in these pages you'll find a fully realized trading economy, broad options for magical research, unique capabilities for domain play (strongholds, thieves' guilds, mages' sanctums), and a foundational structure for building living campaign worlds. Players and judges will be able to fully immerse themselves in the freedom of campaign play...Learn more!


Player's Companion

The Player's Companion expands the reach of the core ACKS products, allowing players and judges to better define their characters and campaign worlds. Within these pages, find 19 new classes, all built utilizing the character class creation toolkit featured in this book - players and judges can build the perfect classes to fit their archetypes or define their campaign worlds. Character templates provide starting characters' proficiencies and equipment with just one roll. Spellcasters may research new, balanced spells or tempt fate with magical experimentation - achieving miraculous results or horrific consequences...Learn more!


Domains At War

Domains At War is a full suite of products for introducing warfare into your campaign - be that platoon sized skirmishes or the thunderous clashes of battalions involving thousands of soldiers. 

Domains At War: Campaigns provides guidelines for embarking on military campaigns of any size - recruiting and supplying troops and marching your armies to battle. Opposing armies may clash via a easy to run battle resolution system, while player characters can  enter the fray as heroes and turn the tide of the battle.

Domains At War: Battles provides players and judges a well-constructed tactical battle ruleset in which troops of any type can be brought into conflict - joining the clash of spear and shield to the flash of wand and spell. Both products give guidleines on converting any sort of creature into a unit capable of mass warfare - design your perfect monstrosity with other ACKS products and unleash it unto your foe's armies and their castle's walls.

Domains At War: Troops & Terrain provides hundreds of unit counters for Battles representing a vast array of troop types. ...Learn more!

 Lairs And Encounters

This expansion for ACKS provides everything the judge needs when her players embark into the wilderness.

Find over 165 lairs, with detailed locations, inhabitants, and treasures - one for each major monster in ACKS. 36 of these include illustrated maps, and 6 treasure maps are included to lure your players in. Expanded guidelines for placing and finding monstrous lairs enhance support for sandbox play.

Lairs & Encounters provides system for detailing creatures compatible with any fantasy role playing game - creatures young and old, the exceptional and unremarkable - with rules for raising, training, and supplying these creatures. In these pages, Autarch continues its tradition of balanced customization with a complete system by which judges can create brand new monsters with which to harass civilized lands...Learn more!

Guns Of War

Guns of War brings the Age of Pike And Shot to your fantasy role-playing - your players may arm their characters, hirelings and mercenaries with musket and pistol, and support their armies with cannon and mortar with rules completely compatible with Domains At War.

Advice on integrating gunpowder into your game is provided - be that emulating a particular time period in this new age of warfare or different methods by which these new arms can be introduced with a more fantastical element...Learn more!


The Auran Empire Campaign Setting

Enter a world of adventure, where a once-majestic empire is slipping into oblivion, and bold and ambitious conquerors are rising to forge new realms from the ashes of the old.  The Auran Empire Campaign Setting, inspired by our own history's Late Antiquity, is the epic backdrop of the assumed world of ACKS, and fully enables players and judges to explore the vast capabilities and freedoms of play built into ACKS at the foundational level.

The Auran Empire Primer

Introduce yourself and your players to the world of Cybele.

Herein find the history of the Empire and other kingdoms surrounding the Ammasaurean Sea, from the proud barbarians of Jutland, or the ancient Sunset Kingdoms of the west; to Tirenea, seat of the Empire; or the great threat of the Waste and its beastman clans.

The cultures, customs, and mythology of the Auran Empire setting are all provided here, alongside a two-page, 24 mile hex gridded map of the Empire and it's environs...Learn more!


The Sinister Stone of Sakkara

An artifact long dormant has awakened; calling out to those who would further the cause of Chaos. An empire in decline looks inward, its borderlands laid bare to banditry and beastmen. What heroes may dare confront the Sinister Stone?

AX1: The Sinister Stone of Sakkara  is a ready-to-play adventure including a two level dungeon, an allied Auran stronghold, and a regional sandbox, perfect for kicking off a campaign with ACKS or any d20-based roleplaying game; either within the Auran Empire setting or your own campaign world. 

Introduced here are the fundamentals of sandbox play; a small region with many points of interest, established settlements and rulers to interact with showcasing ACKS' campaign rulesets, plus a dungeon infused with the best qualities of faction play and open-ended exploration...Learn more!


More from Autarch


The doors of the legendary Dwimmermount have opened - plumb the secrets of this megadungeon and find glory or death. Presented in formats compatible with any d20-based fantasy role playing system, in both a Labyrinth Lordtm and Adventurer Conqueror Kingtm publication, Dwimmermount provides a complete classic megadungeon and sandbox campaign experience...Learn more!